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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject RE: What is Torque?
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 09:01:58 GMT
> I think Torque would benefit from us defining such a statement to
> help frame what Torque
> 4.0 is working towards.
> That said, my personal elevator speech for Torque is:
>     Torque is designed to simplify using SQL data in Java
> applications across all the common SQL
>     database servers.  It allows for rapid  development, while
> supporting the full application life
>     cycle.
>     Torque is based on modeling your data schema in XML.  Torque
> uses this XML to generate
>     the Java objects needed to access your data via it's runtime
> component.  In addition,
>     Torque can generate the SQL needed to create the underlying DB
> and supports setting up
>     the initial data your applications might need.
>    This means development is faster because you concentrate on
> defining the underlying
>    data, then quickly start using the Torque generated objects to
> work on the business
>    logic.
>    It assists in the application deployment phase with its generated
> SQL scripts and initial
>    data setup capabilities.
>    Finally, it helps in the maintenance phase in several ways.  For
> example, the XML schemas
>    make it easy to identify changes between versions.  Torque's
> method of defining SQL in
>    the code helps identify problems with tables or columns that have
> been dropped or
>    renamed.
> OK... it was a LONG elevator ride...
> Thoughts, comments, objections, et. al.

In my opinion, the text above is quite good already. However, my personal
focus would be more on what distinguishes Torque from other OR mappers.
- extensible (hooks are provided for custom behavioor, e.g. modifying the
templates, change behaviour of generated classes by inheritance)
- simple (one should be able to understand whats going on by debugging the
Torque code, so finding errors is easy).
- generated code over reflection (thus easier to debug, compiler checks
(Some of the points above are already in Greg's text, but with a different
point of view)

I also second Thomas V's comment that the word OR-Mapper should appear
somewhere. And the database independence should be in it (e.g. the sentence
on the torque main page)

Greg, would you like to do the merging or should I give it a try ?

Once we have decided on a version, should we use this instead of the
current "What is Torque" text on the web site ?


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