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From Thomas Fischer <fisc...@seitenbau.net>
Subject Re: torque 4 site and further actions
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2010 11:01:16 GMT
The test project now also works for the id-method idbroker (for mysql,
postgresql, oracle and mssql)

> > - Which databases do we want to support in Torque 4 ? I believe e.g.
> > claim that we support db2 in Torque 3.3 is just nonsense, we do not
have a
> > driver for any recent db2 database. So my suggestion is to concentrate
> > the databases that we really support and which we test with each
release. A
> > suggestion for this set would be mysql, postgresql, mssql, oracle,
> > and hsqldb. What do you think ?
> I guess it should be possible to keep support for all databases we can
> get free access to. DB2 is available free of charge as DB2-Express-C so
> we should at least check if it still works and what efforts would be
> needed to support it before throwing the support away.

I remember dimly that some time ago, I tested the 3.3 DB2 templates against
a current DB2 installation but without success. So most probably, DB2
support must be re-developed.
Each database we support creates additional hassle by setting up a test
database system, understanding its permission system (this usually takes
some hours in my experience) and then testing at least each release
candidate against the database. Let's keep our energy focused.
Don't misunderstand me, if soneone takes care of supporting database X, I'm
all for it, but I do not have the nerve to test against N databases that I
do not have any personal interest in and of which I assume that no other
Torque user is using them.


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