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From Thomas Fox <Thomas....@seitenbau.net>
Subject Torque 4 next steps
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 20:02:51 GMT

I will hopefully have some time the next month to go further towards a
torque 4 release. My next future plan would be the following (detailed
- split peer classes ito normal objects plus static wrappers
- remove remnants from village usage from om classes
- remove the inheritance of criteria from hashtable
- remove Criteria.Criterion.db
For each of these points, I need opinions on how to proceed

- split peer classes ito normal objects plus static wrappers
The idea would be to make all methods non-static and rename the classes to
XXXPeerImpl. Then there would be a static wrapper class named XXXPeer which
can create an instance of  XXXPeerImpl on demand (or it can get an instance
injected). This wrapper class has the same static methods as the current
Peer class but delegates each method call to its XXXPeerImpl instance.
There would be a getter and a setter for the XXXPeerImpl instance.
My question now is where the constants (e.g. for table name and column
names) should go to ? For source compatiblility, they should be in the
static wrapper class. Logically, they should be in the XXXPeerImpl class
because everything should also work without using the static wrappers.
I do not see another solution than keeping the constants in both the
XXXPeer and XXXPeerImpl classes, but maybe I have missed something ?

- remove remnants from village usage from om classes
This would mean removing  the getOMClass() method, the CLASS_DEFAULT
constant and the initClass() method in the generated peers. They were
needed to create instances of the database object classes but this is not
necessary any more with the mapper classes. Any objections here ?

- remove the inheritance of criteria from hashtable
The reasons for suggesting this are:
- Criteria is not a logical specialisation of a Hash map.
- To retain current signatures and comply with java5 generics, Criteria
would have to be declared as HashMap<String, Object>, while technically it
is a HashMap<String, Criteria.Criterion>
- the current "put" method does not follow the contract of a Map's put
  Criteria.put() returns the Criteria itself, whereas Map.put() returns the
value which previously had the passed key.
  Also, if you put() an object into a criteria and then get() the same key,
you do not receive the object you put() but a Criteria.Criterion containing
the object you put in. This is also not the behaviour expected by a map.

If we remove the inheritance from Hashtable, we might want to consider the
semantics of the Criteria.add() methods. Currently, if one adds a column
twice, the first assignment is overwritten by the second. For example:
Criteria criteria = new Criteria();
criteria.add(AuthorPeer.AUTHOR_ID, 100, Criteria.GREATER_THAN);
criteria.add(AuthorPeer.AUTHOR_ID, 200, Criteria.LESS_THAN);
ends up in the SQL
select ... from author where author.author_id < 200;
which is not at all what one would expect by reading the code
(I would expect select ... from author where author.author_id > 100 and
author.author_id < 200).

I see the following possiblilities
1) leave the semantics as it is
  1a) possibly deprecating the add() methods and encourage users to use and
() instead
2) change the semantics such that add() does not override existing keys
   (i.e. they would do the same as the and() methods)
  2a) as 2) but additionally deprecating the add() methods
3) remove the add() method altogether

I am not sure what to do. In a clean room implementation one would want to
go for 2) or 3) but 3) severely breaks current applications and 2) may
bugs in applications depending on the current behaviour. 1) is the least
pain for existing users but the maximum pain for new users. 1b) might be a
good alternative, maybe with the possibility to remove the add methods
Also, we might either deprecate or remove the put, putAll and get methods,
as they do not make sense for a criteria.
What do you think ?

- remove Criteria.Criterion.db
The db field of the Criterion specifies which database dialect is used for
rendering this Criterion in SQL. As a criterion is no standalone class, but
an inner class of a Criteria, it always has a criteria attached and its SQL
is only rendered in the context of this criteria. As the criteria has a
field dbName by which the db adapter can be found out via Torque.getDB
(criteria.getDbName()), I propose to remove the db field from Criterion
together with its getters and setters and use the dbName field
of the criteria instead to determine which Adapter should be used. Any
objections ?

   Thanks for your opinions,


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