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From Jeffery Painter <j...@jivecast.com>
Subject Updating Torque to testframework 1.0.8
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2019 14:32:21 GMT
Hi guys,

I have made most of the modifications to torque 4.1-SNAPSHOT to support
using testframework 1.0.8 (I had forgotten to update the maven surefire
plugin)... in the process, I was also updating a bunch of the test code
to look more like the way the test cases have been updated for turbine
(using proper @Test annotations, etc)

However, I am coming across one issue I haven't been able to figure
out.  All the tests now run again and pass, but I am getting a weird
message from the vintage method on finding the unique ID for each test
case.  Georg, did you run into this before? Do you know how to resolve
it?  My google searches aren't coming up with much.  The one thing I
found said replace all references to Assert methods with static imports,
and I went through all of that already (a pain, but done)... I don't
want to check anything else in without trying to resolve this issue
first :-)

See this link which is reporting the same issue I am having: 

Let me know if you have seen it, know a way to fix it - we don't see
these errors on the Turbine side.

Example of the warning message:

[INFO] Running ColumnImplTest
[INFO] Tests run: 41, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed:
0.096 s - in ColumnImplTest
Jan 07, 2019 9:26:28 AM org.junit.vintage.engine.support.UniqueIdReader
WARNING: Could not read unique ID for Description; using display name
instead: testPrintStackTrace(org.apache.torque.TorqueRuntimeExceptionTest)
[INFO] Running TorqueRuntimeExceptionTest

And the good news :-)

[INFO] Running ColumnMapTest
[INFO] Tests run: 3, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed:
0.05 s - in ColumnMapTest
[INFO] Results:
[INFO] Tests run: 232, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0
[INFO] Total time:  28.653 s
[INFO] Finished at: 2019-01-07T09:26:40-05:00

Jeff Painter

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