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From Radovan Semancik <>
Subject Re: Relaxed/quirks mode and OIDs
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 18:39:26 GMT
On 08/28/2015 06:10 PM, Emmanuel L├ęcharny wrote:
> 1: simple: OidRegistry:195: remove the throw, leave it just as a warning
> Or pass the quirkMode as a parameter to a new isOid() method.

Yes. But in that case caller (OidRegistry) needs to know that we are in 
the quirks mode. It does not know that now. So this is in fact 
equivalent to option 2.

> 2: complex: add the concept of relaxed mode to the registries
> (OidRegistry class). Set this up when the registries are created. Skip
> the Oid.isOid() check when in relaxed mode.
> I would go for that mode.

OK. I'll do that in a couple of days.

> There is no reason to ask for a blessing ! being part of the team, 
> your voice has teh same weight than any of ours. Now, opening such a 
> discussion is teh right way to do, because such a modification might 
> have some impact you don't know about. In any case, thanks for those 
> experiments and findings ! This is making teh API moving in the right 
> direction !

Exactly. I'm aware that this modification might affect other things. And 
I still do not understand all the intricacies of the project. I have 
quite a good feeling about my understanding of the API code. But not so 
much about the server and the studio. So I've figured it is better to 
stay on the safe side and discuss that before implementing it.

Radovan Semancik
Software Architect

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