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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject API changes impact on ApacheDS, take 7
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2016 13:03:45 GMT

didn't had much of time since last monday... Though I have made progress
again, and I'm down to 5 failures and 2 errors (from 13 failures and 2

I was also able to run some performance tests on the search operation,
and that was quite encouraging :

Object : old 116 225 ops/s, new 147 167 ops/s (+26%)
One level : old 164 690 ops/s, new 221 140 ops/s (+34%)
Sub : old 198 370 ops/s, new 293 590 ops/s (+53%)

10K entries Addition : old 68.5 ops/s, new 72 ops/s (+14%)
Random over 10K entries : old 17 426 ops/s, new 16 829 ops/s (-3%)

As you can see, when we have all the entries in memory (the first 3 tests), we are really
way faster. I still have to see why we are behind for the random search, for which we have
a lot of access to the database, because the cache is not really big. Note that we don't go
through any network connection here, so we are just talking about pure in-server processing.

I'm now working on the remaining failures, most of them being related to the MoveAndRename
operation. And this is bothersome, because the operation's implementation is, to say teh least,
bad. There are a LOT of missing checks, and we aren't covering most of the use cases.

In some way, the on-going work is a good way to review the existing code. So I'm going to
rewrite the current implementation this week-end.

More later !

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