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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Re: API changes impact on ApacheDS, take 9
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2016 08:40:26 GMT
Hi again !

Approaching to the target... Only 4 failing tests in server-integ, all
of them related to sopecial chars in DN or multiple-RDN.

This last use case (multiple AVAs in RDN) is currently not correctly
handled on the API (I push it aside for a moment), and it's now time to
get it fixed. It's not that complex, but the trouble is that in my first
apporach, I wanted to avoid normalization, which makes it way more
complex to order AVAs. With thenew version, that normalizes RDN, using
the OID for the AttributeType, sorting teh AVAs is way easier.
The other thing to take care of is the use of one AttributeType more
than once in a RDN, like in 'cn=john+cn=doe'.

I have been quite busy this week, sadly, so it didn't moved fast enough,
and I have wasted 2 evenings with a bug I introduced in the
LdapNetworlConnection, but it's still moving forward. FTR, when I fust
launched server-integ, I faced 62 failuers and errors ;-)

Otherwise, I did a quick test with the lookup operation and I got a 22%
boost in performance (that included a newtork round trip, so it shows
that both the client and the server benefited from this huge refactoring !).

More later !

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