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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Toward a 2.0 GA
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2019 10:09:30 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm currently checking all the pending JIRAs, trying to evaluate those 
that need to be closed in the coming release, those that are invalid, 
and those that need to be postponed.

While doing that, I see there are quite a few important ones related to 
TLS and security checks that probably need to be addressed before we cut 
a 2.0 GA (which means the next release with still be a milestone).

Here are the JIRA I'm interested in, ordered accordingly to some release 
roadmap (mine ;-) :

To be fixed for the next milestone
DIRAPI-69, API does not allow StartTLS hostname verification
DIRAPI-72, Provide a default TrustManager for hostname verification to 
comply with RFC 2830 Section 3.6
DIRAPI-298, Inconsistent SASL bind API : add the missing bindGssApi() method
DIRAPI-299, Unable to change expired password unless logging in as admin.

To be fixed for 2.0GA
DIRAPI-136, Add the TLS closure alert support in the API
DIRAPI-149, LdapNetworkConnection should not create user-Threads
DIRAPI-202, Can't get LdapConnectionTemplate working
DIRAPI-237, Make the API threadsafe
DIRAPI-299, Unable to change expired password unless logging in as admin.
DIRAPI-300, Weird batchResponse when batchRequest contains grammar error
DIRAPI-320, ClassCastException on Objects.equals(Value,Value) for 
userPassword attribute

Postponed to 3.0
DIRAPI-61, We don't support referral chasing on the API
DIRAPI-73, Creating new schema and injecting schema elements into it
DIRAPI-104, Schema registries are not getting updated after adding a new 
AT to an ObjectClass entry present in the Schema partition
DIRAPI-111, Move some Subentry classes from core-API
DIRAPI-115, LdifEntry should expose methods to manipulate attributes.
DIRAPI-179, Referral Hop Count
DIRAPI-209, Failover configuration for 2 ldap servers: master and slave
DIRAPI-222, Make the LdifReader accept changes *and* entries in the same 
DIRAPI-256, We need to implement the SASLPrep RFC (RFC 4013)
DIRAPI-281, Unable to connect LDAP server via proxy
DIRAPI-327, Add stream support to Entry and Attribute

Long term issues
DIRAPI-116, Review the API to have the method trhow meaningful exceptions
DIRAPI-216, Improvements in OSGi tests
DIRAPI-259, Add support for some missing Microsoft AD controls and 
extended operations: will be added on the fly, when needed.

I would add I want to review the way we manage schema elements. We have 
two flavors of AT, OC and MR: a mutable one, and a immutable one. This 
does not make a lot of sense. I'd rather have immutable elements, with a 
factory to create new ones. I still have to investigate the impact of 
such change, it will be covered in a coming mail.

In the mean time, please feel free to comment, give your input about 
this list of JIRA. I'd like to be able to cut the milestone next week, 
if possible.

Many thanks !

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