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Subject [Apache Directory Project Wiki] Updated: ReleasesHowto
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 07:28:32 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-01T23:28:32
   Editor: AlexKarasulu <>
   Wiki: Apache Directory Project Wiki
   Page: ReleasesHowto

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Change Log:

@@ -98,3 +98,27 @@
  * Basically this is good to do. Why? Cuz Eve at this point has most of her foundations.
 Everything else is a matter of building up on this base.  So this core will not change that
agressively hence keeping a stable branch for working out bugs and issues is great.  This
will also feed back into the development branch when fixes in it are merged back.
+=== What is needed for Eve 0.8.0 to be released ===
+ * First off we need documentation that is up to date and the site must also be up to date
to reflect the status of the software.
+ * We need to have what's there working properly.  So then I guess we need to define what
+   ** the JNDI provider is operational although schema access does not exist yet
+   ** the protocol supports core operations minus extended ops and abandon
+   ** size and time limits are not honored
+   ** aliases work
+   ** schema is not published
+   ** subschema subentires do not exist
+   ** simple bind is supported only
+   ** no controls are supported yet
+   ** operational attributes in 2252 are supported
+   ** no schema checking enabled
+   ** interceptor framework is in place and it works
+   ** multiple partions work
+   ** schema subsystem for bootstrapping works
+ * We need to let users know that if you want to store, retrieve and search for entires then
Eve will do that at this point.  Anything more than the trivial simple stuff may not be there
like controls and such.  It's a bit limiting.  However building on this will be very rapid
thanks to the interceptors.

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