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Subject svn commit: r111820 - /incubator/directory/protocol-api/trunk/ABOUT.txt
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:07:10 GMT
Author: bloritsch
Date: Tue Dec 14 07:07:07 2004
New Revision: 111820

Add an ABOUT.txt to the protocol-api area to describe the function of this library

Added: incubator/directory/protocol-api/trunk/ABOUT.txt
--- (empty file)
+++ incubator/directory/protocol-api/trunk/ABOUT.txt	Tue Dec 14 07:07:07 2004
@@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
+This directory is for managing the protocol-api library that will
+be used for protocol integration with the next generation networking
+libraries.  The API is designed with the following constraints in
+* It must support asynchronous IO without forcing any particular
+  algorithm for asynchronous IO.
+* It must allow the protocol provider to be implemented without
+  intimate knowlege of the networking layer.
+* It must allow the networking layer to be implemented without
+  intimate knowlege of any protocol providers.
+This is not for the current release of the Directory project.
+This API and the new networking libraries will be incorprated
+when they are ready.  This is part of a concerted effort to
+ensure that the project structure in the Directory project
+is structured properly.

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