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Apache DS Plugin - Quick Start Guide


The Apache DS plugin is a new plugin of Apache Directory Studio that lets you start one (or more) instances of Apache DS (Apache Directory Server) within Apache Directory Studio, or/and Eclipse.
It does not require that you install Apache DS on your machine, the plugin already holds all the needed libraries (Apache DS version 1.5.2).
With the Apache DS Plugin, you can create, configure and run a fully certified LDAP server in less than a minute.

Basic Quick Start Tutorial

First, let's open the Servers view of the Apache DS plugin.

To do so, go to Window > Show View > Other...:

Open the Apache DS category, select the "Servers" view and click Ok:

Now let's create a new server.

To do so, use the "New Server" action in the toolbar (or context menu):

Give the server a name and click Finish:

To launch the server, use the Run action in the context menu (or the toolbar):

Before starting the server, the plugins verifies that the ports are not already used. If you already an instance of Apache DS running on your machine, you'll see this dialog:

You can edit the configuration of the server by double-clicking on the server (or using the Open Configuration action in the context menu):

The Servers view displays at any time the state of your servers (Stopped, Starting..., Started):

To stop a server, use the Run action in the context menu (or the toolbar):

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