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From Wes McKean <>
Subject Server Side NIO: Completed
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 16:15:35 GMT
Hello?  Hello?  Is this the new number for the LDAPd, errrr, Apache Directory 
project :-) ...

The Server Side NIO is tested and complete.  I have one comment, and one 
question.  The comment is:

When an input operation is completed, the decoder must make a call into the 
InputManager to reRegister the socket channel for READ operations.  This 
establishishes a dependancy between the InputManager and the Decoder.  In the 
case of a close on the SocketChannel, while it is waiting on a READ, the 
decoder gets a READ event, which results in an IOException, wrapped in an 
ASN1Exception, which causes the decoder to make a call into the ClientManager 
to remove the client key and socket channel from the lists it is managing.  
This establishes a dependancy between the decoder and the ClientManager.  I 
*think* I can move the code that handles the closing of the connection into 
the InputManager, since it can intercept the DecoderException thrown from the 
code handling the ASN1Exception.  If anyone knows or can think of a better 
way to handle this, then please comment.

The question is:

What to do with the code now that it is finished and tested?  Do we want to 
wait until the software is uploaded into the incubator, or do you want me to 
go ahead and upload the completed changes to Source Forge?



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