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From <>
Subject Re: Re: Rethink Subversion
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:20:19 GMT
> Have you started doing so?  I can't find anything in
> <> that looks like the directory
> project yet.

Oh no we just took a vote for it - that's all.  I think we have some 
time until we actually get hooked up.  Any way Noel would know better
than I.

> > Also note that we use maven as our build system so are there any
> > problems with the maven generated gump descriptor?
> In general you'll also need to generate a vanilla Ant build file as
> Gump doesn't support Maven natively (yet?).  Watch out for absolute
> paths both inside the Maven generated descriptor and the Ant build
> file, that sometimes get generated by "maven ant".

Good to know!

> Do you want to host the Maven generated descriptor inside your
> repositiory or do you want to put it into Gump's?  Personally I'd
> strongly prefer the second as every Apache committer can fix problems
> then.

Yes that makes much more sense let's do that then.  ONce we have the project structure setup
we can generate the descriptorrs and send it to you guys.  I think this is probably going
to happen after the holidays.


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