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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [vote] Eve: LDAP Server Name (Was Logo)
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 17:25:03 GMT
Yeah I originally was going with Phil's thoughts by naming it the 
"Apache Directory Server" but then I realized that if we wanted short 
references to it like say AD Server or ADS we would have confusion 
resulting from Microsoft's Active Directory Server.  That's why I 
insist we stay away from "Apache Directory Server" as an official
name.  Also it is already implied since it is an ASF production.

So that disappointed me a little but then it occurred to me that we can 
use a play on words in several ways by using the name Eve.  Let me list 
some of them below:

1). Microsoft has a version of AD called ADAM which is more a
general purpose directory rather than a network operating system
directory like AD embedded into Windows domains.  Eve is intended
as the next advance beyond the capabilities offered by ADAM for 
the open source community.

2). Eve, the server, like the first female, is unique and the 
first of its kind in many ways:  

	- It's the first scalable Java based LDAPv3 server.
	- It's the first LDAP server based on a SEDA architecture
	- Eve unlike the first LDAPd version released on
        will contain support for Java and scripting language
	  (Groovy) based stored procedures and triggers.
	  No other LDAP server has that capability - it's an LDAP
        Server with the maturity of an RDBMS supporting all
        those rich constructs developers like.
      - Eve is innovative in that it has a server-side JNDI
        provider for use in stored procedures and by embedding

3). Eve compliments ADAM in the Java world but ADAM users can 
use Eve as an open source alternative.

4). I like the notion of building a server with a gender namely
having the gender be female.  Although not PC, I think women get
the better of men - I know my wife does :-) when it concerns me.
Likewise I think Eve will get the better of ADAM.  It's prophetic!

BTW I think ( EVE-2000 is 
very specialized and not a main stream concern.  It's an Arabic language
tutor.  How many people out there even know that it exists?  How many
people are learning Arabic, using EVE-2000, are interested in LDAP 
servers and are at risk of being confused?  I don't think that many.
Plus there are no copy rights on the name Eve.
Like Noel if others do not have a strong sense for or against using
the name, Eve, I ask that they kindly indulge those of us who have been 
using the name for some time already to vote +1 for it.  For other 
emotional reasons that are definitely are not based on logic there is a 
degree of affection some of us harbor for the name.  Personally it 
keeps me driven and compels me to work on her no matter how burnt I am!

BTW I think everyone registered to the list should vote besides just 
the committers.  This will be as important to our perspective users 
as well as us the developers.  Don't know if this violates any rules 
of the incubator so if I'm wrong someone please correct me.  

So here we go:

[+1] Keep the name "Eve"
[  ] Use the name "Apache Directory Server"
[  ] Use the name "ldapd" (which conflicts with a dead OpenLDAP server)

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
> > > Personally, Eve isn't my favorite name for the ldap server, but that's
> > > just my view.  If you are going with the Garden of Eden reference, go
> > > straight for the Tree of Knowledge imagery.
> > Oh I like that - the Tree of Knowledge is perfect in terms of imagery.
> I
> > understand that you may not have a preference for the name Eve but do
> you
> > think there may be political issues as with the Geronimo name?
> I don't know of any political issues, although some people might not view
> Eve and the Tree of Knowledge thing favorably (getting kicked out of
> Eden).
> I've found another reference, but I don't know that it would be confusing:
> Phil asked "What's wrong with "Apache Directory" for the project and
> "Apache
> Directory Server" for the server?"  The project *is* the Apache Directory
> project.  The server could be simply the Apache Directory Server.  I
> really
> do like the Tree of Knowledge alliteration, so I'd want to use that in our
> imagery, regardless of whether we use Eve as a public name, or just for
> insiders.
> 	--- Noel

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