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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject RE: Logo
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 17:58:22 GMT

> <disclaimer>At work, they don't let me near the UI stuff</disclaimer>

ROTFL, I love that disclaimer by the way!
> > The server could be simply the Apache Directory Server.
> I like this, though if we named the Java implementation something else, we
> would be leaving the door open for an apr- or other-language based impl as
> well.

Yeah that's a good point.  If or when such a subproject emerges I would 
leave naming decisions to those folks.  We could always just use a language
qualifier like that used by some of the XML projects like xerces.  Is that
cool? Or they can name it as they please too.  We may even change the name 
if a completely new architecture emerges that does not have the attributes
making Eve so unique.  What ever we want to do I think is in the hands of 
us, the community - that's why this is so great.

> > I really
> > do like the Tree of Knowledge alliteration,
> What exactly do you like about this allusion?  I have stayed out of the
> Geronimo flames; but one of my pet peeves about that whole debate is that

Ohh me too I don't want to get carried away here and keeping this
cordial is paramount for me - I don't intend to push too hard.
What ever the community decides is right by me even though it will
make me sigh.  These are the tradeoffs and I made the commitment to
uphold them when I signed my CLA and that other form that gives
Apache the LDAPd software.

> I have seen virtually 0 meaningful discussion about why a J2EE server
> *should* be named after Geronimo (just endless arguments about why we
> *can* or *can't* so name it).  So...what exactly in the nature of a
> directory server makes the "tree of knowledge" a good symbol?  I honestly
> don't get it.

I like the idea of storing knowledge and it seems fitting since directories
are trees.  It was for creating logos and I'm ok with any tree allusion.  
The one with a feather is cool too.  What ever logo we pick is cool with me 
and again I have no strong opinions here.  

> Maybe I just need to "lighten up" but this is a deep religious symbol that
> brings up two concepts to me (I am not a practicing Christian): 1)
> Original Sin and 2) Rationalism/Thomism (belief in essentially static and
> absolute truths and correspondingly static division of knowledge into
> traditional scholastic disciplines).  Unless we expect apps to crash after
> they access the directory, 1) makes little sense to me and 2) seems at
> odds with the essentially dynamic nature of ldap directories.
> OK...maybe a bit over the top there...maybe just venting a bit of pent-up
> Geronimo pain...I am just interested in why this seems fitting.

No worries vent if you like friend! I think we all need to think of 
why we're here before we let this stuff give us agita: we're here to
have fun and be creative.  I'm here because it's fun to work with 
people freely and to give back to the community.  My day job just seems
to numb my mind and stress me out.  I don't want too much pressure 
in my favorite pastime.  Plus what ever we name it it's going to be 
free for everyone to use :-).

> I would be happier with something like a Sierpinski triangle, or Alex's
> earlier suggestion of an adulterated Apache feather.

What's the triangle look like?  Got a URL to one?  Let's see the URLs 
coming in.  I like pictures.


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