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From Brett Porter <>
Subject RE: Maven and gump WAS: Rethink Subversion
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 01:15:40 GMT
There seems to be another issue that Adam raised at the Maven list, which is
building Maven first and running with the built Maven. (I think I've
interpreted that correctly?) Can we make that "phase 2"...? It seems to have
a few more issues surrounding it.

> In any case, here are the major issues to be solved:
> 1 - Maven needs to be given the jars by Gump and not download 
> them 

We should be able to do that with jar overrides by having gump generate a file with the appropriate location.
Another (better?) alternative is to have Gump switch the descriptor at build
time via XSLT or something, so that all the dependencies it knows about use
the version SNAPSHOT instead of the one specified. Then it just needs to run
the maven (jar|war|ear|etc):install-snapshot goal.

> 2 - Gump needs to understand the Maven descriptor

I need to learn some more about gump first - but that's something that's
been on my todo list long enough! I'm not sure how it fires builds.

> If you are knowledgeable of Maven and want to help, pop into 
> and we'll see that your efforts can 
> be made to good use :-)

Will do.


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