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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Re: Rethink Subversion
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 02:34:11 GMT
> > I can't find anything in <>
> > that looks like the directory project yet.

> Oh no we just took a vote for it - that's all.  I think we have some
> time until we actually get hooked up.

If we can use the current Subversion infrastructure, we can be hooked up
almost immediately.  If no one else gets to it (I won't be online until
about 5 hours after writing this) I should have sufficient karma to do it,
although I'd run the config changes through infrastructure@ to make sure I
have them right.

While our tarball is massaged into shape to import, I can setup everyone so
that they can try the test repository.  That will give everyone a chance to
learn how to use Subversion.  Any questions should be mailed to
infrastructure@, unless they want them send to the subversion mailing list
on tigris instead.  There is also a Subversion channel on Freenode.

Everyone will need to install Subversion or a client such as TortoiseSVN.  I
have the latter on my laptop, but will need to install the former on my
linux development system.  See  If you are using a
platform for which there isn't a pre-built binary of the desired component,
let me know.

	--- Noel

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