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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Logo
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 19:32:11 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
>>>Oh I like that - the Tree of Knowledge is perfect in terms of imagery.  I
>>>understand that you may not have a preference for the name Eve but do you
>>>think there may be political issues as with the Geronimo name?
>> I don't know of any political issues, although some people might not view
>> The server could be simply the Apache Directory Server.

> I like this, though if we named the Java implementation something else, we
> would be leaving the door open for an apr- or other-language based impl as
> well.

Apache Directory Server could be [A]DirServ[J].  The org.apache.dirserv
prefix could provide namespace for generic directory server packages.

>> I really do like the Tree of Knowledge alliteration,
> What exactly do you like about this allusion?
> what exactly in the nature of a directory server makes the
> "tree of knowledge" a good symbol?  I honestly don't get it.

Because the data model for a Directory Server *is* a tree, so refering to
the Tree of Knowledge is nice imagery, particularly when we use JNDI
capabilities of the Directory Server to federate multiple data domains.  I
wasn't making any particular religious reference.

Two other good tree references:

But I would avoid using Tolkien names, since I suspect that the Estate wants
to maintain control over their use.

	--- Noel

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