Haven't done much more than the basics, but there's no time like the present to learn :)



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> From: Jeff Machols [mailto:jmachols@comcast.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, 25 November 2003 5:10 AM
> To: Apache Directory Developers List
> Subject: Rethink Subversion
> Guys,
> I know we talked about this before, but I think we should
> think about using subversion instead of CVS for the directory
> project.  The benefits are becoming apparent now.  Right off
> the bat it will help with the migration from source forge,
> plus the advantages of the Meta-data and atomic check-ins.  I
> know there may be a small learning curve, but I would rather
> do this now when we are changing infrastructure anyway, than
> have to go through this in the future when we are worried
> more important things: the releases, code, etc. 
> So I am a +1 to use Subversion instead of CVS.
> Jeff