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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [ldap] IETF Drafts for LDAP RFC Revisions
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 17:05:00 GMT


The ldapbis working group has been actively publishing new internet drafts
to revise the old RFC set

for LDAP.  These documents which are in draft yet are solidifying quickly
will IMO make it to obsolete 

the old core RFC set composed of RFC 2251-2256, 2829-2830, and 3377.


You can get to these drafts of the ldapbis working group via the IETF here:


These revised drafts are so much clearer than the original RFCs that I find
myself going 

to the drafts more often.  These documents also clarify several questions
left hazy or 

unanswered with regard to the X.500 (DAP) and its relationship with LDAP.

of the subschema and schema questions I have had were clearly answered here.

be forewarned these are draft documents to revise and reorganize the old
RFCs but the 

people writing them are the same folks who wrote the original RFCs.
Furthermore this 

is not an effort to define a new version of the protocol it is a revision
and clarification 

of the LDAP documentation set.


Personally I'm very thankful for it and hope it helps others as much as it
has me.  

Below is a snippet from the roadmap draft by Kurt Zeilenga concerning the

between these drafts and the specifications to be obsoleted by them:



4. Relationship to Obsolete Specifications
  This technical specification, as defined in Section 1, obsoletes
  entirely the previously defined LDAP technical specification [RFC3377]
  (which consists of RFC 2251-2256, RFC 2829-2830 and [RFC3377] itself).
  The technical specification was significantly reorganized.
  This document replaces RFC 3377 as well as Section 3.3 of RFC 2251.
  [Models] replaces portions of RFC 2251, RFC 2252 and RFC 2256.
  [Protocol] replaces the majority RFC 2251 and portions of RFC 2252.
  [AuthMeth] replaces RFC 2829, RFC 2830, and portions of RFC 2251.
  [Syntaxes] replaces the majority of RFC 2252 and portions of RFC 2256.
  [Schema] replaces the majority of RFC 2256.  [LDAPDN] replaces RFC
  2253.  [Filters] replaces RFC 2254.  [LDAPURL] replaces RFC 2255.






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