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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Moving eve up one level
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2004 03:32:01 GMT

Right now we have one major ldap directory where we manage branches on
things like eve, the ldap common code, and potentially other things that
have to do with LDAP.

Rather than having the ldap trunk as a major chunk-o-code I would like to break
things up a little to make them more manageable.  Namely I will move eve
up one notch so its here directory/eve.  Instead of here directory/ldap/eve.
I intend to keep the ldap directory there just for LDAP based APIs, clients
and JNDI provider implementations for LDAP.

Under the eve folder we'll maintain the usual tags and trunk there.  Eve 
will be much much larger than the ldap stuff alone.  So I think the separation
will make it more manageable for me and others.

Let me know if anyone has an aversion to doing things like this.  I will make
the change now but will rollback if anyone objects.  I have some documentation 
changes that are based on this breakdown as well so I need to move on.  Also
another reason for this is in the fact that Eve is designed with module changes
to become an X.500 directory and frontend for X.500 directories.  Although 
thats far from now, this is one of the main reasons why I think she should
be moved out of the ldap area.  It leads to confusion.


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