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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [eve] General Strategy
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 21:22:24 GMT
> Regardless of these hurdles I should have something polished up within a
> couple of weeks on the website.  Intermittantly I will tap on people's sholders
> to ask for help in filling in certain sections where their expertise fits best.
> I intend to give the basic skeletal layout to you guys wherer you can fill
> in some of the stuff you're best at.
> Once the site is up I intend to move on to writing some documents outlining
> the architecture so new comers can start to get the same mental picture I
> have regarding the server.  I expect to have these documents up and ready w/i
> two weeks after getting the site deployed.  That should be a month out from 
> now. 
> Since I'm getting sick of writing documentation (not my favorite) perhaps the
> members of the team can review it and determine how good they are and if there
> are improvements that need to be made to them.

I can help by reviewing documentation with the eyes of somebody who has
little knowledge of the server, and tell you how easy it is to follow,
give comments, etc.

Don't hesitate to give me docs for review

- Vincent

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