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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Jira Guidelines - Choosing the right issue type
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 22:27:38 GMT
Hi all,

What do you think of having simple guidelines for usage of Jira, so we
are consistent in the way we do things. Let's start with issue type.

We have applied the following at work and it works pretty well:

- New Feature 
Used for functional requirements (AKA user stories or features)

- Improvement
A functional improvement to an existing feature. The difference with a
New Feature is that the improvement alone is not a feature.

Useful when a feature is too big and you wish to break it down. Strip
down the original feature and add improvements to get the full feature.

- Task
Anything that needs to be done, but which does not add functional value
to the system. It could be a refactoring, reworking the build,
installing a tool, reorganizing svn, ...

- Bug
Well, for bugs

In addition, we have the following in the Apache Jira installation:

- Wish
A feature wish, which will eventually be promoted to feature, or
discarded. A wish cannot be scheduled until it is promoted.

- Test
Well, we shouldn't need this one ... if we test first. 

How does that sound?

- Vincent

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