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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [seda] How to get protocol providers to effect SEDA?
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2004 08:24:29 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:

>Currently ProtocolProivder provides getHandler() method to
>RequestProcessor stage can get appropriate RequestHandler to respond
>to requests.  It works good for request-response model, but I'm not
>sure this is good enough.  Most of protocols will have
>request-response model, but there is also when protocol provider has
>to send messages actively (e.g. heartbeat, media streaming, etc)  I
>think there is no appropriate way to to that yet.
Hmmm yeah I have not thought about this. 

>Eventually RequestHandler should be renamed to EventHandler and be
>able to handle all Events such as
>ConnectEvent/DisconnectEvent/ExceptionEvent/[whatever]Event.  Then
>here comes another issue.  Why not just implementing its own
>Subscriber?  Then we could just refactor ProtocolProvider to
>CodecFactory which is only a factory for encoders and decoders. 
>Instead it would be nice to focus on making implementing stages easier
>and intuitive IMHO.
Hmm let me think more about this.

>I'm sorry that I'm talking about changing ProtocolProvider interface
>already being used by Eve, but I think this solution resolves this
>issue in a really clean way. HDYT?
Well right now it works for Eve and will work for Kerberos as well as 
most standard issue protocols like DNS, DHCP etc.  I'm comfortable with 
it for this release and perhaps even a couple more.  Until we start 
using a protocol that demands these specific features I don't think we 
should try to figure them into the picture.  We can't possibly get it 
right without examples and we will be in a perpetual state of flux 
coding for what we envision rather than what is. 

Plus these media streaming servers may need a more specialized 
framework.  It may be best to build another specifically for such 
beasts.  Perhaps not - perhaps we can do it in the same framework.  Or 
perhaps we do it as 2 then merge when we understand both domains and how 
to merge.  Right now we know very little about what we want exactly.  
Personally I'd drive off of my needs for Eve at the moment and Enrique's 
needs for Kerberos.  We're the only clients right now - hopefully this 
will change ;).

However I'd like to think about these ideas here for a bit and get back 
to you.


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