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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: We are now a TLP guys!!! (FW: ASF Board Summary for February 23, 2005)
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 16:46:45 GMT
> I wrote the announcement based on the previous one.  Please read this
> and tell me whatever needs improvement or is out of date. :)

1)  I would introduce the product name (ApacheDS), in the 2nd paragraph:

"Our primary vision is to build an enterprise directory server platform 
(ApacheDS) ..."

2)  Spellcheck:
     a)  annouces --> announces
     b)  Fouindation --> Foundation

3)  SEDA is no longer in use anywhere, and even though this PR doesn't 
coincide with the 0.9 release, we should stop mentioning it.  Perhaps:

* Powered by MINA, a powerful framework for building Internet protocol 


> -------- BEGIN --------
> Subject: The Apache Directory Project Exits Incubator
> The Apache Directory team proudly annouces the Apache Directory
> project graduated incubation under the Apache Software Fouindation
> (ASF) according to the ASF Board Summary for February 23, 2005.
> Our primary vision is to build an enterprise directory server platform
> and its components where other Internet services snap in to store
> their data within the directory so they may be managed using LDAP.
> Those services include LDAP itself, DNS, DHCP, SLP, UDDI, NTP, and
> most importantly Kerberos, which can integrate with the services to
> provide full-featured network authentication service.
> Features of ApacheDS:
> * Designed as an LDAP and X.500 experimentation platform.
> * The server exposes all aspects of administration via a special system backend.
> * Both the backend subsystem and the frontend are separable and
> independently embeddable.
> * Provides a server side JNDI LDAP provider which directly interacts
> with the backend storage.
> * Powered by Staged Event Driven Architecture (SEDA) which can handle
> large amounts of concurrency.
> Coming soon:
> * Remote management via JMX.
> * Java-based triggers and stored procedures.
> The Apache Directory team is looking for developers and users to work
> with the server and give feedback.  Mailing list information is at:
> Check the Apache Directory project at:
> The Apache Software Foundation provides organizational, legal, and
> financial support for a broad range of open source software projects.
> The Foundation provides an established framework for intellectual
> property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits
> contributors potential legal exposure. Through a collaborative and
> meritocratic development process, Apache projects deliver
> enterprise-grade, freely available software products that attract
> large communities of users.
> -------- END --------
> Cheers,
> Trustin

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