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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: Contributions with @author tags revisited
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 20:38:18 GMT
Tencé, Vincent wrote:
> <snip/>
>>>At first I was against the removal of @author tags.  Now I 
>>totally agree 
>>>with it and appreciate the benefits.  However the benefits 
>>are not going 
>>>to emerge (doing away with personal code ownership) unless 
>>we all take 
>>>part in it as a community.  This includes committers, and 

I don't like the @author tags.  I think they support personal code 
ownership.  They should be set to the dev mailing list address.


> IMHO you said the important thing: only by acting as a community will we
> succeed. With that kind of spirit, I don't think whether having @author tags
> or not is that much relevant. 
> Some may feel like signing their work because they take pride in and enjoy
> what they do. Or maybe they want to make what they do visible. Visibility as
> all kinds of great side effects. Others may not feel like it.
> I'm fine with both as long as we value the team more than the individuals.
> -- Vincent

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