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From "Tencé, Vincent" <>
Subject [Authx] Internal 0.3 release
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 14:51:51 GMT
Hi guys,

I've release authx 0.3 yesterday night internally - meaning it's been tagged
but there's no binary distribution available. 

0.2 was the first internal release and introduced XML and JDBC
authentication realms, XML groups and roles support, and XML authorization

Here's the changelog of the 0.3:

1. api and impl sub-projects have been merged into a core sub-project to
make things simplier and more cohesive

2. Adjustments made to the authorization module design to make the api
easier for the user. My take is that authentication and authorization apis
won't see much more refactoring but are still subject to evolve in the
future when we pack more features - especially as I have plans to introduce
the concept of obligations associated to authorization decisions in the

3. Aside from XML, there's now a new way to write authorization rules, with
scripting languages. Groovy support is done, and we can easily do rhino,
pnuts or others in the future, depending on the needs. The advantage of the
scripting is that it gives users maximum power to define their authorization
policy. Since it's dynamic, it's also runtime adjustable.

4. Groovy rules support dependency injection if required.

5. The example application has been updated to demonstrate the new features.

0.4 will start the integration with the server. The primary objective is to
deliver an LDAP authentication realm.

Of course, feedback is more than welcome ... Go try it guys, it's really
working ;-)

-- Vincent

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