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From Jan Andersson <>
Subject Re: [mina] data not flushed?
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:21:16 GMT
I have done some tracing but haven't seen any problems in
the SSLFilter directly. The data is encrypted as supposed
(as far as I can tell) but for some reason not delivered to
the client (until later).

This is using an application I'm working on for a customer.

What also is kind of strange is that om my system (running Linux)
I'm not able to repeate this. My customer is using Windows 2003.

I will try to reproduce this in a smaller test example, but one
question first, maybe related to this:

  - In SSLFilter.writeNetBuffer() sometimes (depending on the data
    do encrypt) IoSession.write(...) might be called multiple times.
    When is data flushed to the peer?


> On 2005-03-17, at 16:18, Trustin Lee wrote:
> We'd better log SSLFilter debug messages per sessions such as
> prefixizing session.remoteAddress.  Then we could trace the situation?
> BTW How do you test MINA?  Can I test by myself?
> Trustin
> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 15:28:37 +0100, Jan Andersson <> 
> wrote:
>> It seems as some data send from my application to the client
>> isn't flushed correctly when using the SSL filter...
>> In my IoHandler implementation I call IoSession.write(buf, null)
>> to return a response to the client. This works just fine in most
>> cases, but  sometimes the data to be sent never reaches the client.
>> Instead the data is received first when the next call to
>> IoSession.write(buf, null) is used from the IoHandler.
>> This only happens when the SSL filter is in use and only for
>> approx. 0.001% of the packages under quite some load (more than
>> 250 clients). So I suspect that the problem is related to the SSL
>> filter...
>> Any ideas?

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