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From David Boreham <>
Subject Re: Client library
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 17:32:28 GMT
Marc Boorshtein wrote:

>Novell re-packaged it and donated it to openldap.  
Marc : are you really sure about this ?
I ask because I think I would have remembered
this happening (Netscape code moving to Novell).

As an experiment I just reviewed the content of
the file from both
code lines. They're completely different. So different
that not even SCO could claim that they share
any common elements.

The Novell code appears to use an ASN.1
encoder/decoder library wheras the Netscape
code uses a BER encoder/decoder.

The Netscape package has code for the Netscape
password expiry control and the proxy auth control.
These are absent in the Novell code.

The two packages do implement a common subset
of the same API, but AFAICS the implementation is
completely different (and has different copyright).

>It's based on the
>mozilla SDK (which isn't maintained anymore).  
The Mozilla SDK is maintained (I could certainly check in changes
if they were needed). However it's true that there haven't been
many changes made for a while. It's still actively used in the
Red Hat DS console, so is far from dead. The fact that there
haven't been any recent changes is more a testiment to
Rob Weltman's solid coding : the thing 'just works' ;)

The Novell package looks great, but I'm having a hard time
believing that it's related to the Netscape/Mozilla code other than
by virtue of implementing the same interfaces.

>There is also an IETF
>package that doesn't have any Novell branding (though I don't know of
>any novell "specific" functionality that goes outside of LDAP
>standards.  For instance there is support for numerouse controls that
>eDirectory supports, but controls are part of the standard).

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