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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Re: Client library
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 17:58:44 GMT
On 8/2/05, David Boreham <> wrote:
> Marc Boorshtein wrote:
> >Novell re-packaged it and donated it to openldap.
> >
> Marc : are you really sure about this ?
> I ask because I think I would have remembered
> this happening (Netscape code moving to Novell).

I could be mistaken, wouldn't be the first time.

> As an experiment I just reviewed the content of
> the file from both
> code lines. They're completely different. So different
> that not even SCO could claim that they share
> any common elements.

HA!  I woldn't put anything by them!  

> The Novell code appears to use an ASN.1
> encoder/decoder library wheras the Netscape
> code uses a BER encoder/decoder.

I've never delved that deeply.

> The Netscape package has code for the Netscape
> password expiry control and the proxy auth control.
> These are absent in the Novell code.

would make sence.

> The two packages do implement a common subset
> of the same API, but AFAICS the implementation is
> completely different (and has different copyright).

The copyright allways confused me as well.

> >It's based on the
> >mozilla SDK (which isn't maintained anymore).
> >
> The Mozilla SDK is maintained (I could certainly check in changes
> if they were needed). However it's true that there haven't been
> many changes made for a while. It's still actively used in the
> Red Hat DS console, so is far from dead. The fact that there
> haven't been any recent changes is more a testiment to
> Rob Weltman's solid coding : the thing 'just works' ;)

This may be true as well (there hasn't been much on JLDAP either
outside of web serivces).

> The Novell package looks great, but I'm having a hard time
> believing that it's related to the Netscape/Mozilla code other than
> by virtue of implementing the same interfaces.

The relationship may only be at an API level (as you stated).

> >There is also an IETF
> >package that doesn't have any Novell branding (though I don't know of
> >any novell "specific" functionality that goes outside of LDAP
> >standards.  For instance there is support for numerouse controls that
> >eDirectory supports, but controls are part of the standard).
> >
> >

Either way, I'm not a particuler fan of JNDI :-).  The JLDAP code has
support for DSMLv2 and SPML (in CVS) so it's a bit more flexible.  I
also think that there have been some performance imporvements (I think
the "synchronouse" search in JLDAP is actually "asynchronouse" now, as
I haven't seen any performance difference between the two).  In
addition, JDBC-LDAP is based on JLDAP so that gives you an SQL
interface.  I'm not with Novell so I don't know a lot of the back


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