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From Chris Betts <>
Subject Re: Client library
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 04:09:18 GMT
Hmm... I'm thinking of things like SASL integration, Kerberos,  
various LDAP controls and so on... although checking the site I may  
have been a bit hasty when I mentioned it was being 'actively  
developed' by Sun - the most recent entry under 'what's new' is over  
two yhears old :-)

   - Chris

On 03/08/2005, at 11:41 AM, Marc Boorshtein wrote:

>> However, don't underestimate the amount of guff that is in the
>> current JNDI implementation... there's a bunch of work in there, and
>> I'm not sure the other LDAP implementations have all the bells and
>> whistles that JNDI does (they might - I honestly don't know :-) ).
> What kind of bells and whistles?  I've been looking into expanding
> JLDAP to be able to do a bit more (multiple protocols, some kind of
> dynamic connection factory).  Any thoughts you have would be much
> appreciated.
> 'Marc

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