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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: LDAP v3 Paged Results Control
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 02:54:27 GMT
Van Nhu wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I am trying to implement a Virtual Directory. Because
>the Virtual Directory will not store any information
>itself, its primary job is to split and redirect the
>LDAP requests to each of the contributing data
>sources, and merge the result sets when responding to
>a search request, so I am leaning towards using just
>MINA plus a cut down version of the LDAP Provider (as
>opposed to using the full ApacheDS) to do the job.
That works.

>One of the requirements is that the Virtual Directory
>must suppsdort the LDAP v3 Paged Results Control (RFC
>2696). But I am having problems reading this control
>inside the
Care to contribute this code and/or work on it here in the ldap protocol 

>When my LDAP client invokes the following methods on
>the LDAP Context:
>    ctx.setRequestControls( new Control[] {new
>PagedResultsControl( pageSize ) } );
> … );
>...I receive an empty Control[] array with this line
>of code inside the SearchHandler:
>    Control[] reqCtls = ( Control[] )
>req.getControls().toArray( EMPTY );
Yeah controls are not fully functional just yet. Lot's of work to do in 

>Likewise, I thought that if my LDAP client sets:
>    jndiEnv.put( Context.REFERRAL, "ignore");
>...before connecting to the Virtual Directory with:
>    ctx = new InitialLdapContext(jndiEnv, null);
>Then this line inside the BindHandler:
>    Control[] reqCtls = ( Control[] )
>req.getControls().toArray( EMPTY );
>...should return an array that contains the
>com.sun.jndi.ldap.ManageReferralControl, but instead
>it returns an empty array like the previous case.
Yep that's the expected behavoir at this point. We need to build up this 
aspect of the LDAP protocol provider.

>I suspect that there is a bug in the ASN1
Nope we have no controls or support for controls yet.

>coder/decoder where the LDAP controls are not being
>processed correctly, and would really appreciate if
>someone could shed some light on this.
We'd have to add that.

>By the way, I am using ApacheDS with subversion
>revision number 330381 checked out from the main

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