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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [SVN] Cleaning up before the restructuring.
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 20:27:07 GMT
Hi guys,

Just as a heads up I cleaned up some obsolete tags laying around.  In 
the tags directories of various projects I removed obsolete tags only 
and referenced them with a readme.txt such as this one:

readme.txt in directory/shared/ldap/tags
Some significant tags have been deleted but may be resuscitated or 
checked out
by copying them back or exporting them using a revision number.  Here we 
those tags within the repository for future reference.  This is done to 
the project root checkout lean, so only those branches in use should be

tag: internal-release-0.9.2
deleted on: Thu Oct 27 2005
delete rev: 329033
resuscitate: svn cp -r 329032
dap/tags/internal-release-0.9.2 internal-release-0.9.2

tag: internal-release-0.9.1
deleted on: Thu Oct 27 2005
delete rev: 329033 
ds: svn cp -r 329032
dap/tags/internal-release-0.9.1 internal-release-0.9.1

The tags in use have been left there.  For example in MINA everything 
below release-0.8.0 is now obsolete.  Hence there was no reason to keep 
internal-release-0.7, release-0.7.1, release-0.7.2, release-0.7.3 and 
release-0.7.4 hanging around.  Users that would like these can retrieve 
them by resuscitating the tag using the svn command with revision number 
in the readme.txt. 

Note that we won't need this mechanism anymore after we goto the flat 
structure with one releases and one trunk.  I'll be glad to see this 
mechanism gone.  However I started cleaning this up using the old 
mechanism so we have less work to do to get to the new SVN layout.

Under directory/releases we will not have to delete old tags because the 
checkout behavior will change.  However for these releases that used the 
old structure we might want to put them under an 'old-releases' 
directory within releases.  Anyhow we can resuscitate the old tags 
anytime or just copy the readme under old-releases.


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