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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [mina] Problem with BlacklistFilter
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 05:42:42 GMT
Hi Niklas,


2005/11/8, Niklas Therning <>:
> I'm afraid it's not enough to block sessionCreated() and
> messageReceived(). I think all IoFilter methods except init() and
> destroy(), filterWrite(), filterClose() and maybe exceptionCaught() will
> have to be intercepted by BlacklistFilter and checked against the
> blacklist.

Thanks for your advice. It makes sense. I checked in the fix.

It would be nice if there are always consistency in what order the
> IoHandler callbacks are called. E.g. sessionCreated is always called
> first, then sessionOpened, then 0 or more messageReceived/messageSent
> followed by sessionClosed. If only sessionCreated is blocked,
> sessionOpened could be called first which could lead to strange bugs if
> the Mina user uses sessionCreated to allocate resources etc.

There's already consistency. sessionCreated is invoked first, and then
sessionOpened, and messageReceived/Sent, sessionClosed. Please let me know
if any exceptional event order is found.

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