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Subject Re: 0.9.3 JAR question
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:35:50 GMT


Many thanks for the new JAR file distributions etc.  It helped a great

I have now developed a JBoss SAR project that embeds the server and allows
some simple JMX control - start/stop/change password etc.

Futhermore, having spoken to management here, we *would* like to contribute
this work back to the project.

Perhaps you can email me with details of what you expect of a newbie
contributer and what the next step should be?

- Simon Temple

04 November 2005 18:01
To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
From: Alex Karasulu <>
Subject: Re: 0.9.3 JAR question wrote:

Hi Simon,

>I'm trying to run as an embedded server under JBoss. ("embedded" but does
>also require some external LDAP access).
OK gotchya.  I recently made some changes where you can now do this more
readily without having to depend on that massive uber jar crud.

>I don't think I can use apacheds-main-0.9.3.jar as it contains classes
>other open source projects already on our classpath (and I don't want
>classloader problems).
Right-O.  Take a look at the latest projects created under apacheds
trunk.  I just split appart the core and main into the following projects:


The unit derivatives contain those abstract test cases that you can use
to fire up the core alone or the server with wire protocols
respectively.   Now the more interesting thing for you is this server
module.  It contains the server configuration beans and the
ServerContextFactory and it's a simple tiny jar.

The server-main project just contains a lonely main() application that
fires it all up and uses the Spring XML configuration etc.  This is
pretty much throw away code.  This project also generates that uber jar
for standalone running of the server ... for convenience.

So instead of depending on that big main jar set your sights on the
apacheds-server dependency.  That should do you right.

Hope this helps ... let me know how things go for you.  Also if you're
building a JBoss sar for ApacheDS I would be interested in that myself.
Heck I think many companies running JBoss would.  The company I work for
asked me to do something like this a while back.  Perhaps you'd be
interested in contributing that code to Apache?  Would you like to work
with us here in maintaining it?


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