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From <>
Subject [MINA] What about a cluster for network load balancing?
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 13:51:59 GMT
I was thinking about several MINA working on different jvms, each of theese
connected with a single MINA thinking structure that do the protocol
specified work.

The connection between the thinking-block and the network-farm should be
massively compressed, and the protocol that should be used for the
connection between the two blocks should implements broadcast (ie a method 
like "writeToAll(Object tosend)" in a SessionGroup class).

The thinking-block use the MINAs of network-farm as if they are in the same
jvm, using acceptors and connectors, binding the ports on the remote MINAs
IP addresses as if they are some local IP addresses, on local interfaces.

This can be usefull for each protocol that must receive one message and
resend it over all the other connections (or a large part of them), because
the final clients can connect to one of the network-farm MINAs
indifferently, like if ther's a single server listening on different
interfaces of the same pc.
The broadcast messages between thinking-block and network-farm guarantee the
efficency needed.

I developed this same cluster model for a chat-like server system (Direct 
Connect protocol), and it
works greatly, but I didn't know MINA yet, so this was implemented in a
disgusting manner on a disgusting network framework, and it is only for one
specific protocol, I'd like to have this implemented for any server
application, transparently on MINA.

It can be more easy implemented if mina provide the SessionGroup class with 
the broadcast method writeToAll(), or something like that.

Do you like the idea?
Could it be usefull?
what do you think about that structure?
It can be another communication transport supported by MINA or should it be 
another alone project?

Hi all!  by Fed

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