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From Alessandro Torrisi <>
Subject [MINA] IoSession and method write (performance)
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 17:09:55 GMT
Hi ! I'm developing a little Hub Server for Direct Connect Protocol (P2P), and 
I'm experiencing some big performance problems.

When I posted the first messages Niklas answered me that it could be the 
database which could block threads, so he told me that I had to use some O/R 
product like Hibernate. 

So I used Hibernate, performance with its cache and connection pooling 
mechanisms effectively are better, but no sufficient to be considered a good 

I'm searching for performance tips...So I have a question...but before a 
little example about the communication between client and server (a login 

clients connect...server sends a key and the hubname
S: $Lock fdsjfsiodfjaiosdjfsaomfoos Pk=somekey|
S: $HubName|
clients asks the server to validate the nick, sends his info and asks for the 
C: $Validate MyNick|
C: $MyINFO $ALL MyNick iinfo....|
C: $GetNickList|

server answers with all the MyINFO of the connected users:
S: $MyINFO $ALL user1 info...|
S: $MyINFO $ALL user2 info...|
S: $MyINFO $ALL user3 info...|
S: $MyINFO $ALL user4 info...|
S: $MyINFO $ALL user5 info...|
S: $MyINFO $ALL user1000 info...|

Now the question is, according to you it's better to write on the IoSession 
one single time with a big message or fragment the big message in more
writes ? I tryied to use a threadPool of 10 elements in my overriden class 
of ServiceRegistry...what about this ? How can I tune this parameter ? What 
are the refs ?

Best regards,
Alessandro Torrisi

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