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From Kaspar L├╝thi <>
Subject Re: [MINA] Short or long messages for IoSession method write(...) ?
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 19:54:31 GMT
hi allesandro

Alessandro Torrisi wrote:
> Niklas told me to avoid every blocking situation. My app is based on a mysql
> database, so he told me to use an O/R which could be Hibernate.
> I used Hibernate 3.1 and performance seems to speed up... but it is not
> sufficient !

just a remark concerning the database:
probably hibernate is a bit overkill for your application.

if you don't have a complex datamodel, iBatis might be
a good choice too.

probably you could even use another database engine. lets you keep databses in memory for speed.

> I have a question...For example when I write on a IoSession I write one
> message for time. I make a little example:
> S: $Hello NickOfTheUser|
> C: $GetNickList|
> S: $MyINFO $ALL someuser info....|
> S: $MyINFO $ALL someuser info....|

i would definately send the userlist grouped in one message. i guess your
typical user-data is max. 50 bytes, so the list would be below 500k with 10000


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