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From Johannes Zillmann <>
Subject direct access to sockets
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 20:02:27 GMT
Dear mina team,

currently i'm participate in 2 projects in which network communication 
plays a big role.
The profile of the projects looks similar:
- there is a lot of coordination communication to do, whereat mina is great
- but a lot of large data blocks(simply call it files..) has to be moved 
as well, whereat mina naturally can't beat fe a simple bio socket 
implementation in performance

After testing a lot and thinking some time about it, i came to the point 
that the simplest way to gain the efforts of using
mina but not loosing any piece of performance is to have the possibilty 
to get direct access to a sessions socket (no matter if bio or nio).

This would avoid the overhead of chunking, filtering,... data which is 
not intended to do so.
And it would allow things like
FileChannel fc;
SocketChannel sc;

Of cause it may break the api ?

What do you think about ?

best regards


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