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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: direct access to sockets
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:48:10 GMT
Hi Johannes,

2006/1/7, Johannes Zillmann <>:
> Dear mina team,
> currently i'm participate in 2 projects in which network communication
> plays a big role.
> The profile of the projects looks similar:
> - there is a lot of coordination communication to do, whereat mina is
> great
> - but a lot of large data blocks(simply call it files..) has to be moved
> as well, whereat mina naturally can't beat fe a simple bio socket
> implementation in performance
> After testing a lot and thinking some time about it, i came to the point
> that the simplest way to gain the efforts of using
> mina but not loosing any piece of performance is to have the possibilty
> to get direct access to a sessions socket (no matter if bio or nio).
> This would avoid the overhead of chunking, filtering,... data which is
> not intended to do so.
> And it would allow things like
> FileChannel fc;
> SocketChannel sc;
> fc.transferFrom(sc,0,23);

For now there's no way to achieve the same behavior with this.  But I guess
we can implement this by providing a special write request object:

IoSession session = ...;
session.write( new TransferRequest( fc, 0, 23 ) );


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