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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Shall we go JDK 1.5 in 1.1 branch
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 01:19:19 GMT
Noel J. Bergman a écrit :

>To quote your own blog: "However, recent reports claim that only 20% of
>users have switched to JDK 1.5, with 20% still using JDK 1.3, and the
>remaining 60% JDK 1.4."
Well, as everybody knows, a statistic reported that 57.4% of statistics 
are plain wrong...

>So assuming those figures to be accurate (from where did they come?), would
>we want to limit the potential base to 25% of what it would be were we to
>support the vast bulk of the market?
Are we talking about those extra 5% users above 100% ? :)

At this point, what will be usefull instead of challenging tools like 
retrowhatever to do the 1.5 -> 1.4 work for us is to list features that 
need 1.5 to be implemented. Then we may isolate them in libraries beside 
the server itself, and :
- tell the users that they need a 1.5 JVM to use these features
- or use retrosatanas to allow 1.4 users to benefit from these features.

I must admit that for ADS core and shared-ldap parts, we don't need 1.5, 
from a technical point of view (Alex, correct me if I'm wrong). If 1.5 
is needed for SSL, I don't think that switching to 1.5 for this very 
specific part to be a problem, because using SSL means that the server 
is not embeded, and then run as a standalone service.

I don't know about Kerberos...

wdyt ?


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