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From Ersin Er <>
Subject Re: installation process for apacheds-1.0-RC1
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 14:49:27 GMT
Hi, wrote:
> Sorry to pollute the -dev list with what is obviously a -user type 
> question, but your web site no longer lists a -user list.
We're using the dev list as a user list also. I think we may have a user 
list soon.
> I have some experience with apacheDS 0.9.2, and recently tried to move 
> up to your apacheds-1.0-RC1 release. I'm trying to install it on OS X 
> 10.4. I downloaded this file
> apacheds-1.0-RC1-macosx-ppc-setup.jar
> the filetype clearly indicates you've changed your packaging from 
> previous releases.....
> can someone provide a short cookbook, describing what I should do with 
> this file?
You may give it a try with:

java -jar apacheds-1.0-RC1-macosx-ppc-setup.jar

This should start graphical the installer. At the end of the process a 
service should be installed to your system. (Sorry I do not know much 
about MacOSX, so I cannot say where the service is installed and how it 
can be started).
> thanks!

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