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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [Attentione] Reverted nlog4j 1.2.19 => 1.2.23 upgrade
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 07:58:26 GMT

Don't get alarmed but I had to revert those changes upgrading to the 
latest nlog4j.  I reverted because it introduced dependencies on a slew 
of SUN jars that I cannot possibly put into a Maven repo without having 
interpol knocking on my door.  Yeah I wish I was living in Paris ok!  
Just kidding but we need to talk to Ceki about this and see if he can 
change his pom.  At this point we cannot upgrade to the 1.0 slf4j 
compatible nlog4j.  It adds things like the jmx jar, activation, mail, 
and I think I even saw Maven download my mother in law.

This happened once before and Ceki reverted.  I don't think he'd stick 
with this so we just need to talk to him.  Perhaps he's unaware of it 
creeping in again.

Forgive the crazy email ... its late...

P.S. Ceki help us to get to 1.2.23 please!

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