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From Ceki Gülcü <>
Subject Re: [Attentione] Reverted nlog4j 1.2.19 => 1.2.23 upgrade
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 16:39:11 GMT


To begin, I am sorry about the hassle this upgrade is causing. Looking at 
the Maven repository at ibiblio, it seems that they (ibiblio) are 
publishing the pom files without modification [1].

Here are some details about the process for building the jar file for ibiblio:

- NLOG4J does not use Maven itself,
- The jar file used for the Maven (Ibiblio) upload requests gets assembled 
by an Ant build file [2].
- It uses the pom file defined in [3].


At this stage I am tempted to simply delete the dependency tags in NLOG4J's 
pom file. I could also add a <scope>provided</scope> element in each 
appropriate dependency. Which alternative do you think is better?

At 05:11 PM 3/13/2006, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>My comments are inline...
>Gülcü wrote:
>>At 08:58 AM 3/11/2006, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>>Just kidding but we need to talk to Ceki about this and see if he can 
>>>change his pom.  At this point we cannot upgrade to the 1.0 slf4j 
>>>compatible nlog4j.  It adds things like the jmx jar, activation, mail, 
>>>and I think I even saw Maven download my mother in law.
>>>This happened once before and Ceki reverted.  I don't think he'd stick 
>>>with this so we just need to talk to him.  Perhaps he's unaware of it 
>>>creeping in again.
>>No, I am not aware of jmx, activation, mail... jar files creeping in as 
>>requirements downstream. Those files are required for compiling NLOG4J 
>>(as well as log4j) but compiling log4j/nlog4j should not be an ADS 
>>concern. NLOG4J SVN repository [1] indicates that the NLOG4J's POM file 
>>has not changed since 28th of August 2005. You also mentioned that ADS 
>>was currently using 1.2.19 which was released around December 2005. Given 
>>that NLOG4J's POM file has not changed between 1.2.19 and 1.2.23, there 
>>is nothing to revert, is there?
>Hmmm that's very odd.  Something had to change.  Looks like this is a 
>Maven 1 pom.  So someone put together the Maven 2 pom for you at ibiblio 
>without considering the scope of the dependencies.  In maven 2 you can 
>control dependency scope.  Meaning you can make things dependent for test, 
>or just compile stages of the lifecycle.  Namely here these dependencies 
>should be of the provided scope I think: if they are used then the jars 
>are provided.  Brett Porter would know best but I hate to bug the guy :).
>>>Forgive the crazy email ... its late...
>>>P.S. Ceki help us to get to 1.2.23 please!
>>I am not very Maven savvy but other than that I'll do my best.
>>First question, are you trying to build NLOG4J with Maven? If not, is it 
>>possible to tell Maven not to drag in NLOG4J dependencies?
>Yeah there is with Maven 2 and apparent this is what has been 
>misconfigured by who ever put deployed the nlog4j jar.  The dependencies 
>for sun jars should always be provided I "think" to prevent their 
>transitivity.  Incidentally our build uses maven 2.

Ceki Gülcü

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