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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Scalability Questions
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 07:13:30 GMT
Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> Hi Mark,
> MarkD wrote:
>> Hi,

>> 2) how many users does Apache DS support?   
> Don't know yet I have not tried to fill it up.  I do know the 
> theoretical limit for a single partition which is Integer.MAX 2^32-1.

This is complicated. It depends if you mean connected users, or possible 
users. I'm not 100% sure that ADS could store 1 million entries, but I 
bet it can. If you want to know if we can handle 1 million connected 
users, I bet the answer is no. I'm afraid that we can't even handle more 
than 32765 simultaneous connected users, but odes it make sense ? 
Generally speaking, a user does not keep a connection open for hours ...

Can you told us if users mean "connected" users, or just entries in the 
server ?


>> 4) what are the best practices for initially loading the directory 
>> with a
>> large number of users?   
> Hmmm I recommend making sure you have the right indices created before 
> loading the directory.

yep, for sure. If you don't have the right indices, then your server 
will just crawl down. However, the best solution is definitively to use 
a ldif file if you want to import millions of entries.


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