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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Fixing LdapName.equals (was Re: Why is equals() in class LdapName case-sensitive?)
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 09:57:58 GMT
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to ask if this could be an acceptable solution to fix 
LdapName.equaks this way for 1.0-RC2 :
1) modification of equals to reflect JDK 1.5 LdaName behavior (i.e. 
values are compared case insensitive)
2) renaming the actual equals function to equalsInternal to avoid side 
3) everywhere in the code where we have a dn.equals( ADMIN_DN ) we will 
keep the call to equals
4) LdapDN will also be modified in the same way

I think this will work, and won'ty impact the code base too much.

For 1.1, I will favor another solution :
1) LdapName will be replaced by LdapDN (I mean, LdapDN will be renamed 
LdapName) (DIRSERVER-171)
2) Compatibility with JDK 1.5 LdapName class will be fulfilled 
3) We will also have to fix issue DIR-184 (leading and trailing escaped 

wdyt ?


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