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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Various questions
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 06:49:20 GMT
Quanah Gibson-Mount a écrit :
Hi !

> Hi,
> I'm looking at apache DS as compared to OpenLDAP, and have an initial 
> set of questions:
> (a) is it possible to bulk load an LDIF file while the server is 
> offline? If yes, how?

Well, no.

> (b) If I choose to load an LDIF file via the server.xml file, is the 
> beginning and end of the load logged, so that a timing mark can be 
> drawn from it?

It's better to do it another way. If you wait untl 1.0-RC4, which will 
be out around this week or next week, you will be able to use an 
apacheds-tools to import LDIF files into ADS. FYI, we have done some 
load tests lately, and what I can say is that loading 10 000 entries 
into OpenLdap takes 9 mins, and 1min 40sec on ADS.

> (c) How does one tune the underlying database?

No way to do it right now.

> (d) Is there any way to tune an entry cache, etc, for Apache DS?

It's a improvment listed in JIRA : currently, the cache size is fixed 
(bad!), and we want to change that

> (e) When one specifies an index for an attribute, I see no way to 
> differentiate between equality, substring, presence, etc.  If an 
> attribute is indexed, is it then simply indexed for all possible 
> search methods?

Hmmm, I have to check. I think it's equality. Presence is not 
implemented atm, AFAIK

> (f) Are there any other general guidelines for tuning Apache DS?

Not too much. We are not currently working too much on adding tunning 
tools on the server, because we are working hard to fix some 
functionnalites issues, and also some real serious performance problems 
that kill the server when you have more than, say, 100 entries ;(

What I may suggest is that you fill JIRA's issues for those point you 
think are lacking in ADS, in order for us to be able to fix those points 
and not forget them (for instance, your index question is important). We 
would be very pleased to ear about any bug, any missing functionnality, 
any performance comparison you can do, this will help us to build a 
better server. And if you have time, well, we also need some help 
improving it, it's doco, it's testcases, and so on :)

Thanks a lot for your interest !

> Thanks,
> Quanah
> -- 
> Quanah Gibson-Mount
> Principal Software Developer
> ITS/Shared Application Services
> Stanford University
> GnuPG Public Key:

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