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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Various questions
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 21:28:29 GMT
Hu-oh !!!

Men, we are all good guys, and are all OSS passionates !

Let's not going too far : words something hurts, and sentence are 
sometime misunderstood.

I think Quanah has a good point on indices, and we might have to get 
this wise advice somewhere like JIRA to keep a track of this improvments 
we may want to implement soon.

I know that Alex spent a *lot* of time those last three days debugging 
Apache DS performance issues we have, and he might well have been under 
huge pressure, and sometime, well, on this condition, people can 
overreact. I'm sure that Alex wasn't meaning what he wrote, but maybe he 
*felt* hurt by the way some sentences where stated. Sometime, some IMO, 
or IMHO are usefull, IMHO :)

Ok, men, no arm. Keep the good work done on OpenLdap and ApacheDS, and 
let's work together to improve both products. Competition is about that 
: improve and adapt. It's not like Chess, but much more like go : the 
territory is big enough for many players :)

Peace, as say Cameron Purdy :)

Quanah Gibson-Mount a écrit :

> --On Monday, June 05, 2006 7:54 PM -0400 Alex Karasulu 
> <> wrote:
>> Quanah,
>> Well I'm glad someone from Symas Corp.  is on this list.  However you're
>> just trying to make ApacheDS look bad while promoting OpenLDAP.  That's
>> not too sincere when we're trying to answer your questions to the best
>> of our ability.
> Actually, I'm not trying to make Apache look bad at all, and although 
> I do work part time for Symas, that is not my primary occupation.
>> We're not here to compete.  We appreciate OpenLDAP and the work done
>> there.
> Did I say it was?
>> Now your less than friendly tone makes total sense.
> If you think my observations on indexing are related to the above, you 
> are quite mistaken.  As noted, my observations come from 7 years of 
> running a directory service.  If you aren't interested in advice from 
> someone who actually deals with directory services in a large scale 
> production environment every day, fine, ignore them.  But that's 
> certainly not a good way to go to improve the product.
> --Quanah
> -- 
> Quanah Gibson-Mount
> Principal Software Developer
> ITS/Shared Application Services
> Stanford University
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