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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject LdapDN impl into the server
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 23:38:34 GMT

just a quick status before I hit the sack.

Server is running again. Fixes where easy.

1) Atm, I have a clear problem when trying a search at the top level, 
with scope=ONE LEVEL : it returns everything. Search code is a little 
bit too complicated for my sleepy brain right now, but there is 
something I should have missed.

2) I also have a problem with OID map: I need to get the <OID, 
Normalizer> couple, instead of <whatever alias, Normalizer> to store the 
OID into the normalized AttributeType of each RDN (as we will work with 
OID internally, not with alias). If we don't do that, we may have missed 
searches, I'm afraid. The method to modify is : in shared-ldap.
Here is the code (I've prepared a String oid variable to store the oid, 
currently, it stores the type)
                    // Should get the OID, not the type
                    String oid = type;
around line 1300

3) I think we should have two versions of codec : one for server, and 
one for client. The problem is that we do useless conversions when 
retruning results to the client. For instance, the SearchResultEntry 
will contain an objectName, and this should be a String, not a LdapDN, 
if we use it on the server side. Ok, I know, not a big deal... Let's 
keep this somwhere and put a little flag above it (a JIRA flag) and we 
will go back to it in july :)

ok, I'm dead now. Zzzzzzz....

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