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From Ersin Er <>
Subject Re: Validating Data and Index Integrity
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 15:42:16 GMT
Hi, wrote:
> Following a few power failures and unexpected terminations of the VM
> (careless operators!) we have experienced corruptions of the directory JDBM
> backed store.
> In all cases, the DS shutdown hook was never executed.
> Is there a way we can run an integrity check on the content of the JDBM .db
> and .lg files - either at a low level or via a DS API call?
We should have a db dumber in apacheds-tools. It's in $APACHEDS_HOME/bin.

You can invoke it like:

./ dump -i $APACHEDS_HOME -f dump.dat -p 'system'

"./ help dump" will give more information.
> We could then run this "integrity check" when we detect an uncheduled
> shutdown when restarting...
> SimonT



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